Motif Interiors is passionate and committed about the impact design and building have on the environment, so we take steps to implement sustainable office solutions across our business.

In order to increase sustainability in your workspace, we will evaluate health benefits and worker wellbeing; how technology can enhance work, and how an office can be sustainably built and maintained. Sustainable offices aren’t just better for the environment, they’re also better for your bottom line – they save on running costs. Your project will be delivered in an environmentally friendly way, using recyclable materials wherever possible and working with an ecologically conscious supply chain.
Image of a modern, sustainable office space designed by motif interiors
Image of a modern, sustainable office space designed with eco-friendly elements


Despite maximising natural light in office design and layout, it is impossible to completely eliminate the need for artificial light. However, the use of high-quality sensors and LED lighting will cut energy usage significantly. The issue of cooling and ventilation is also a major concern, and there are many options available to maintain a comfortable temperature within the office year-round, from innovative glazing to technological solutions.

The addition of recycling bins throughout the office will make it as easy as possible to reduce waste that would otherwise be disposed of in landfills, and initiatives to reduce single-use plastic will significantly reduce your company’s environmental impact.


We have a comprehensive understanding of LEED and WELL building practices certified by both local and global authorities. In turn, we can assure our clients that Motif Interiors takes all measures necessary to ensure that our projects are sustainable and socially responsible.

In addition, green credentials attract young talent who often care deeply about the environment. By paying attention to factors such as carbon footprint, precious resources such as water, and using renewable energy sources, you can make your office more attractive to future generations.
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Sustainable office design done considering LEED and WELL Building Practices


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We ensure our materials are sustainably sourced and meet industry specifications. We also operate a recycling policy, which is vital in the UAE which produces nearly 10 million tonnes of waste each year of which construction and demolition works accounts for over 47%. Just 20% of waste is currently recycled and we know that together we can do better than that.
The need to maintain, reuse, and refurbish materials runs alongside recycling and procurement. As a result, our clients are also able to save operating costs as replacements are less frequent. Our in-house joinery enables us to produce many joinery items locally, which reduces the carbon footprint of overseas shipment.
According to Oxford University, inspiring workplaces boost employee productivity by 13%. At Motif Interiors, we are inspired by the UAE leadership’s commitment to making the nation one of the happiest in the world, through The National Program for Happiness and Wellbeing.
We understand that selecting low volatile organic compound (VOC) emitting materials like carpets, adhesives and paints will help improve the air quality in your office, while desk spacing, people flow, and readily identifiable access points are particularly important in a post-COVID 19 work environment.


Making an office space better leads to bigger possibilities, whether it is an office fit out, office design or office refurbishment. As a design and build company, we all at Motif Interiors are on the same mission to create spaces that look well but perform even better.
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