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We started our design and build business to meet your needs. For us, serving you is both a privilege and a responsibility. For the past decade, our team at Motif Interiors helped many companies to get the most out of their workspace and these include Fortune 500 corporations, private companies, tech startups, and government agencies.
Motif Interiors Client testimonial
KFC YUM office in Dubai
Pirelli office in Dubai fit out by Motif Interiors
Symrise office in Dubai design and build by Motif Interiors
Kraft office in Dubai by Motif Interiors
Motif Interiors fit out company in Dubai client


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The Motif team has been unrelenting in their after-sales support. The entire Motif hierarchy has been involved in the process and has left a lasting impression.

Manuel Izquierdo, Anatomy Rehab CEO

It was a great experience, and Motif Interiors were an enjoyable team to work with. We are thrilled with the final result.

Laura O’Connell, marketing manager at Symrise

The excellent use of specific materials and construction methods has enabled office to achieve a vibrant sophisticated look. The end result for the offices is exactly as we expected it to be according to the design.

Timo Brosing, German Neuroscience Centre CEO

Motif design team met client expectations by achieving the concept, finishes and quality finish specifications. Through the use of specific materials and construction methods, the office has achieved a fresh, vibrant, and classic appearance that meets client expectations for design and quality.

Osama Ibrahim Alhooti, Community development Authority Government of Dubai


Making a space better leads to bigger possibilities regardless if it is an office, one’s home, restaurant, or hotel. As a design and build company, all of us at Motif Interiors are on the same mission to create spaces that look well but perform even better.

Mazaya Business Avenue Tower, 25th floor, JLT, Dubai, UAE