The 5 Benefits of Having a Great Breakout Areas in Your Office

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Breakout areas are the most widespread and are believed to be extremely beneficial in the modern office environment. The spaces are greatly transforming the business operations for the better. How? You might ask. Workplace breakout areas come in numerous styles and dimensions, but all of them share a common goal that is to better the workplace. Well, in this article, you can find some incredible breakout area advantages that inspired us to inculcate the trend into so many of our clients’ spaces.

Breakout Space

A unique space that is different from a formal working area. A space that offers the much-needed break for employees beyond their work. Though they are still a part of the regular office, the chill, comfort & adorable feel a breakout space brings to the employees, is what makes it unique from the rest of the office space.

Benefits of Office Breakout Areas

A Wise Investment to Employee Wellness

Instead of constantly sticking to the chair, these spaces will encourage the employees to drift away from their normal routine desks at least for a while. Constantly sitting in one place might make your employees bored and lethargic. Breakout areas are a great opportunity to bring about that change and inspiration within your staff. A change in scenery, a creative space to chill out, a retreating space to binge on when stress is high at work is what breakout spaces are all about. This will not only reduce the stress, but indeed enhances the employee creativity & productivity to a great extent.

The Real Place for Interaction and Collaboration

Communication within the office is extremely essential to help create robust workplace connections, discuss creative concepts and maintain productive collaborations. Being a deskaholic will only reduce that engagement spirit within the employees. Campus breakout areas are an incredible solution that encourage employees to interact better with colleagues & other staff. Additionally, these spaces can produce a positive impact on employee productivity, creativity and happiness in the workplace.

Enhances Creativity

Sitting in the same chair all day long won’t make your employees inspired & productive. Breaking away from the regular desk space to somewhere cool & cosy will help infuse some creativity and inspiration into the hectic day. Office breakout areas can be great alternate workspaces. Allowing employees to work freely, move around flexibly will give them that freshness & confidence to deliver better. Also, you must understand, brainstorming creative ideas birth more in breakout spaces than in office environments.

Promotes Movement

Research has revealed some shocking statistics about life expectancy and overall health of desk workers lately. After that, it has become even more important to ensure employees are not just confined to their spaces but frequently troll around for enhanced health & creativity. Creating designer break out spaces for your employees will offer them a great incentive, motivate them to move and take a troll off their chair. Interior design firms in Dubai are well-known for creating inspirational spaces. The best break out spaces are said to have fun games such as table tennis, billiards, caroms etc. in their environment & also are considered as perfect spots for informal meetings. Encouraging mobility and flexibility in your office is a great starting point to help you build a happy and healthy workforce.

A Space Free of Distraction

Office spaces can be quite distracting with continuous phone ringing, chatters, noisy printers, loud office discussions. Working in the midst of such an environment can lower productivity. Moving away to some comfy space where employees can have their own space to concentrate & work better can be the best solution and a fantastic breakout area benefit.

This way, businesses can offer great scope for employee satisfaction, happiness & enhanced productivity in the workplace. It is always beneficial to have a second workplace for employees to retreat from the daily hustle and bustle of the main workspace.

Motif Interiors, the best office fit out companies in Dubai are well known for their creative concepts & out-of-the-box breakout spaces.


Breakout spaces are becoming increasingly desirable today due to their creative designs and incredible benefits. The spaces are highly unique & are something that every employee today will expect to have in their work environment. Investing in the creative side of your employees, boosting their wellness shows them that you care which, in return, adds a great value to your work & business culture.

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Making an office space better leads to bigger possibilities, whether it is an office fit out, office design or office refurbishment. As a design and build company, we all at Motif Interiors are on the same mission to create spaces that look well but perform even better.
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