Sarah Allix Joins Motif Interiors | Q+A with CID Magazine

Sarah Allix joins Motif Interiors as head of business development

Commercial Interior Design Magazine featured an interview with Sarah Allix, our newly appointed Head of Business Development.

In Media: Q+A with Sarah Allix, our new Head of Business Development at Motif Interiors

To start, tell us about yourself, your new role, and new company

I was born and raised in Dubai and moved to Australia where I started high school. Later, I delved into the world of interior design, obtaining a degree that paved the way for the inception of Allix Design, which was situated on the Gold Coast in Australia. In 2014, I relocated back to Dubai to pursue new opportunities in the design and build industry, and to experience the vibrant city. I have accumulated a wealth of experience, having built up more than 17 years of dedicated service within the industries, both in Australia and the United Arab Emirates. 

As the Head of Business Development at Motif Interiors, I'm thrilled to lead an outstanding sales team, handling everything from finding potential clients to contract awards and ensuring projects run smoothly. My goal? To help Motif Interiors grow and thrive, especially in the commercial and healthcare sectors. 

How and why did you get into the design industry?

I've always liked drawing and painting, but I never really knew what to do with it. I ventured into the design industry due to my passion for spaces and all the things you can create in it. When it comes to my career I was influenced and inspired by a talented local designer who was my inspiration and mentor. Witnessing his talent and the transformative nature of design, I decided to follow this path. Early on, I realised my interest extended beyond design; I wanted to be involved in every aspect of the construction process.

Tell us how any previous roles have helped get you where you are today. 

As the Director and interior designer at 'Allix Design' for over 11 years, I managed diverse projects, spanning hospitality, F&B, retail, commercial, and residential sectors. Later, I relocated to Dubai and transitioned into a business development role. These experiences have significantly shaped my career, offering a detailed and broad perspective that enriches my approach to each relationship and project today.

Have there been any mentors in your career so far? Tell us who they are and why… 

Yes, I've been fortunate to have had several mentors in my career. Each interaction has provided me with invaluable lessons and experiences. The fields of interior design and fit-out industries are exceptionally dynamic, fostering continuous learning from clients, fellow colleagues, and other industry professionals. Every project brings its unique set of challenges, offering opportunities for personal and professional growth.

What excites you most about the new role?

The most exciting aspect of my new role at Motif Interiors is the vibrant and diverse team I'll be collaborating with. It's a blend of multiple generations, nationalities, and cultures, which brings a dynamic and fresh perspective to our work. Motif's owners, Rayas and Riyas, as well as their senior management team, led by Akeel Perera, embody this forward-thinking spirit. I am excited about how our visions align and am eager to see where this energy leads.

Moreover, I am passionate about guiding and motivating the Motif’s sales team to achieve their best performance. I am also committed to fostering and improving collaboration between all departments, as I truly believe progress can only be achieved through teamwork.

Sarah Allix joins Motif Interiors

What challenges can you foresee and what’s the plan to tackle them?

There are no challenges, only problems to be solved. I look forward to facing them as it’s the best way to learn, develop and grow.

What will you bring to the table at Motif that no one else could?

Having completed over 900 fit-out and design projects over the past 12 years, Motif Interiors has established itself as an industry leader in workplace design. The team has strong in-house capabilities in joinery, furniture, and MEP, so they can deliver complex projects, particularly in the commercial and healthcare sectors. 

I have been fortunate to have obtained extensive experience within the commercial and healthcare industry. Particularly in healthcare, my experience has opened a whole new avenue for me to learn more about how the design and quality of such spaces can affect patients’ well-being, their healing process, and their families in such a profound way. Multiple stakeholders must work for the benefit of patients in this complex industry and my team at Motif and I hope to help grow this division and also expand into other sectors within the industry. 

What is your ultimate career goal?

My ultimate career goal is to continue making a meaningful impact in the design and construction industry. I aspire to leverage my extensive experience and expertise to drive innovation, sustainability, and excellence in project execution. Whether it's through leading successful teams, creating spaces that positively influence people's lives or contributing to the growth of the industry, I aim to leave a lasting legacy of quality, creativity, and collaboration. 


Making an office space better leads to bigger possibilities, whether it is an office fit out, office design or office refurbishment. As a design and build company, we all at Motif Interiors are on the same mission to create spaces that look well but perform even better.
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