Office meeting pods vs. meeting rooms

Office meeting pods have recently been gaining popularity. Besides desk space and a coffee station, meeting rooms are an essential multi-purpose necessity - what's right for you?

Meeting Rooms Pros: For those times when sensitive information needs to be discussed, the conventional meeting room is a perfect choice. Fully enclosed and acoustically private, it is the traditional choice. You can also focus on the task at hand without interruptions since you are free from any outside distractions because of the sense of privacy.

You can use them for a meeting with colleagues, to better introduce your company to new clients or to host an event. But all that comes with a price, and extra space - of course.

Meeting Rooms Cons

First of all, they're more expensive to build. Add in the costs of dedicated technology, power, and furniture, and suddenly you're paying a lot. And that's before you even think about whether you have the space. If you move offices, your new meeting room gets left behind.

Modular Meeting Rooms Pros

Modular, adaptable, and mobile meeting pods are becoming increasingly relevant in today's workplaces because they allow for more flexibility and adaptability. Furthermore, modular office pods serve many of the uses of meeting rooms but require less space, less money, and are easier to move when your business moves.

Meeting pods can be configured with connectivity, seating, and power, so you can plug and play with minimal fuss. Custom fabrics and finishes are available so you don't have to compromise on style.

Office furniture in Dubai by Motif Interiors showroom in Al Quoz
Modular Meeting Rooms Advantages:

From single-use phone booths to four or even 8-person meeting pods, modular architecture is all about creating micro work environments. Here are some of the main benefits:

A more private environment
Enhanced well-being
Stress reduction
Increased concentration
Confidentiality is supported
Noise pollution prevention
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