Biophilic office design: 5 things you should know

In recent years, biophilic office design has become one of the most valuable trends in interior design. There has never been a better time to make use of nature's healing powers than right now, which is exactly what biophilic design aims to do in our workplaces and homes.

The term "Biophilia" was coined by Edward O Wilson in the 1980s because of the increase in urbanization that caused people to become disconnected from the natural world”.

1. Biophilic interior design - what does it mean?

An interior design that embraces biophilic principles involves natural lighting, natural color schemes, and, of course, high amounts of houseplants. No matter where you are in the house, you can see or be surrounded by plants.

2. How does Biophilic Office Design work? 

Office design that's biophilic is a trend that brings the outdoors indoors, or more precisely into the workplace. The biophilic design concept goes far beyond adding a lot of plants and greenery.

Crowd One office in Dubai design and build by Motif Interiors biophilic office design 2

3. What are the benefits of biophilic office design?

Nature can reduce stress, and increase productivity, creativity, and attention span, according to a growing body of evidence. 

Furthermore, research indicates that 40% of sickness absences are caused by indoor air pollution. In the office, however, plants can contribute to better air quality, especially those that absorb pollutants and eliminate toxins, like Aloe Vera, Snake Plants, and Money Plants.

4. What are biophilic design examples?

In a biophilic design, there are many elements, such as skylights that provide natural light; green walls with living plants; and water elements, such as fountains.

Additionally, a biophilic office design incorporates natural elements, such as woods and organic shapes, along with sustainable materials that mimic nature, such as flooring and wall coverings.

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This concept was successfully implemented in one of our latest office design projects for Crowd One offices in Dubai. Read more about this project on Love That Design.


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