4 Creative Ideas To Use In Office Breakout Spaces

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Office breakout spaces are vital to an energized, innovative workspace, for offices of all sizes. It is vital to the morale and well-being of workers go provide informal places to collaborate or find privacy away from their usual desk.

Ready to build a space for a breakout in your office? Five suggestions from newly-finished projects are here:

Use furniture to crease an agile workspace

As an alternative to traditional fixed desks for each employee, companies are exploring agile workplace design. This means providing a variety of options of furniture depending on the activity to be undertaken. Items such as booths, pods, armchairs, sofas, benches, tables, can be used in office breakout spaces. The concept is to provide flexibility depening on the need of the users, for example space for private calls or quiet focus, as well as other spaces for informal meetings and colloboataion.

Writable walls

Perfect for brainstorming between teams or presenting ideas in a spotaneous manner, writable surfaces can be used very effectively to enhance breakout areas. Writable walls can be accompanied by a variety of soft furniture to really enhance energy and foster creative ideas.

Add Greens 

Plants can be used to maintain a healthy office that is functional, aesthetic, , and environmemtally freindly. Biophillia has been proven to make people feel relaxed and help improve indoor air quality. Due to compounds in paints, furnishings, fabrics and building materials, indoor air can be as much as 12 times more polluted than outdoor air in some places. However, 87 percent of volatile organic compounds and other toxins are removed every 24 hours by plants. Other natural elements can aid in behavioral recovery and stress management, and as more elements are added, organizational satisfaction increases.

Let the light be there,

The right lighting will enhance mood, energy, alertness and efficiency in a workplace. Start by using workstations near windows as much as possible to get the benefits of natural sunlight.

There any many options for ambient, direct and indirect lighting to be used across the workplace, with customizable overhead and task lighting solutions also available.

In most workplaces LED bulbs that emit a ‘cool’ white/warm light which is similar to natural daylight. Being exposed to more daylight rather than artificial lights has been proven to improve sleep quality for users. In breakout areas, moveable track lights or hanging feature lights can be used to differentiate from the rest of the office area and provide comfort to employees.

While office breakout spaces will differ wildly from office to office, the goal is always to give employees options. Remembering – and celebrating – the fact that people create and thrive in a range of settings will ensure that your workers stay productive and happy.

Check out the office breakout spaces we designed for our client Augustus Media.

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