Ergonomic Furniture Solutions

At Motif, we provide state-of-the-art furniture solutions for your offices, designed and executed from our in-house delivery teams. Having formed long-standing and strong partnerships with suppliers from across the globe, we offer only the best and highest quality of furniture to our clients to support a variety of projects. We source furniture from our renowned network in Turkey, Europe and Asia. Every collection focuses on modern and contemporary aesthetics, keeping in mind sustainability and ergonomics in every design. At Motif, one of our main values is caring for the environment and sourcing sustainable materials for a better future.

Having everything in–house allows our design team to plan and deliver over and above our client’s expectations for entire turn-key projects. This means our client have one dedicated point of contact for the entire project to ensure the design is consistent throughout the office and everything can be delivered on time and within budget.

In recent years acoustics have become and increasingly important factor in workplace design. We have developed a complete range of acoustic solutions such as phone booths for comfortable and daily calling requirements. Additionally, meeting pods can be used in office design to ensure that productive informal discussions happen without disturbances and encourage collaboration between departments. Soft seating can also be used to enhance employees’ comfort and encourage an activity based working environment. In open areas we also have a range of efficient and contemporary acoustic panels absorb sound and enhance design in ceilings and wall paneling.

Workstations are some of the most important assets for employees for their productivity and overall wellbeing. We provide ergonomic height-adjustable workstations that offer a high level of flexibility to every client. The range includes ergonomic chairs so that your employees can complete their work at a comfortable eye-level and are able to work in a comfortable productive environment.

Space planning and design are important first steps in any interior design project, especially when it comes to thoughts on how to best use furniture in your space. We offer space planning but also can propose furniture to enhance the overall aesthetic of your workplace. Every project we undertake keeps in mind our clients branding and culture. Each workplace should be unique and serve as a reflection of our clients business and values.

Our in-house team is completely in charge of the entire logistics and installation process, from start to finish. Moreover, we stay in touch every after the project is done for warranty and aftercare services.

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